“Keith Katsikas’s thriller, The Liahona Effect, has everything I love in a book: nonstop intrigue and suspense, characters that pop off the page, and the boldness to take a story to the very edge—and beyond. If Dan Brown ever tackled mysteries buried at the heart of Mormonism, it might look like this jaw-dropping novel.” 

-James Rollins, #1 New York Times bestseller of The Seventh Plague





"Filled with action from start to shocking finish, THE LIAHONA EFFECT is an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride featuring love, faith, mystery, and redemption. Open up to page one and hang on for dear life..."

-Allan Leverone, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author





 "The Liahona Effect takes Harvard professor and divinity specialist Michael DiBianco on another wild ride, this time across the breadth of the United States. Married to cryptologist Chrystal, their Parisian honeymoon is interrupted by the leader of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. He demands they join him in a race against time to stop the massacre of the heads of the church. Using an old relic of a map, they trace the steps of Joseph Smith, martyred founder of the Mormon Church using quotes from the bible to piece together a two-thousand-year-old mystery. The book's windy path leads the reader on a roller coaster with unexpected twists to a combustible and surprising conclusion. I've no doubt we will see Michael DiBianco solving religious mysteries again." 

-Carole P. Roman, award-winning, bestselling author of over 30 books.





"The Mormon church is hiding a secret that could destroy the entire world. Their Prophet has been murdered. Hung crucifixion style In the Sacred Grove. A strange code seared into his chest being the one clue to unlocking a deadly secret. A secret the powers that be have been doing everything in its power to protect for thousands of years. Michael DiBianco, a renowned theologian and having saved the Catholic church, is being called on by Mormon church leaders. His job: help solve the brutal murder, crack the codes while preserving the secret. With the help of his cryptologist wife, Crystal, they will enter a hidden world of cryptic codes, sacred orders, strange symbols and a discovery that will either save the world or end it. In the Liahona Effect, Keith Katsikas has written a thrilling and suspense-filled freight train. An intense Web of mystery and intrigue surrounded by an ancient secret. A unique and mesmerizing puzzle that will have you flipping pages in breathless anticipation. Leading to a precisely thought out and shocking ending. A book that holds appeal to readers of many genres." 

-Kris Miller, TopShelf Reviews


"The Church maintains secrets to keep humanity safe. However, what happens if one of those closely guarded secrets finds its way into the wrong hands? When a secret, protected for thousands of years, threatens to be exposed the tension is exalted. The heinous slaughter of a prophet and apostle make Crystal and Michael’s job of solving the clues behind the murders and protecting the Church, deadly. When their only ally, President Batnaz, is captured they have no choice but to do what a mysterious, beautiful woman, Lilith, ask them to do––bring her the Liahona. But what exactly is this Liahona and why is it so important? However, the events that follow the finding of the Liahona will blow your mind. You can never prepare yourself for the deepest secret about to be unveiled. This story electrified and terrified me. I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for the story to unravel. I wasn’t prepared for the mysteries ultimately revealed. Twist and turns around every corner. Nothing is what it appears. Thrills and heart-racing excitement wrapped in secret codes, agents, doctrines, riddles, villains, and a SonicStar plane named Darlene––what more could a reader want! In the spirit of The Librarian, National Treasure, The Da Vinci Code, and Angels And Demons, Keith Katsikas takes his readers on a wild journey, evoking mystery and intrigue. Speculative fiction at its best. An absolute must read!"
"What secret could the Mormon Church possibly be guarding that others are willing to kill for, and prophets are willing to die for? Professor Michael DiBianco and his cryptologist wife, Crystal, are charged by the Mormon Church Elders to investigate, and to find out who is murdering their prophets for this ancient secret that could destroy the world if it fell into the hands of the wrong people. THE LIAHONA EFFECT by Keith Katsikas is a page-turner that grabs you right from the beginning and doesn’t let you go until the very end. The action starts on the first page, while the tension builds continuously through many harrowing twists, turns and surprises to the final, mind-blowing conclusion. This book is a spine-tingling religious thriller of epic proportions, and I most highly recommend it to all who enjoy a great story."





"Action-packed, The Newton Prophecies takes off in a burst and doesn't stop until the last page. Just when you think you have it figured out, author Katsikas throws another curve ball to keep the reader off balance. Michael Di Bianco is a best-selling author and divinity teacher at the prestigious Harvard University. His research has propelled him to investigate notes written by Sir Isaac Newton over two hundred years ago. Important men are dying while clutching words on a parchment written in Newton's own hand and the FBI is knocking on DiBianco's door looking for answers. This starts off a wild ride that transports the main character on a pursuit for the truth that will span several countries and end in the Holy city itself for a combustible conclusion while delivering a one-two punch. Well-written and full of exciting chases, The Newton Prophecies will bring to mind, Dan Brown and Professor Langdon. Easily read in a few hours, it is both interesting and filled with thrills. A great summer read."
"The Newton Prophecies is a story overflowing with excitement, thrills, and fast-moving action. It starts with an explosion of intense action when Father Driscoll is killed in the church by an arrow. From there it does not let up, keeping the reader on the edge of his/her seat until the last word. Katsikas is relentless in his endeavor to keep his readers guessing. When you believe you know where the story is going the plot twist and maneuvers, hurling the reader headlong into a gripping, suspenseful read. This story is well-written and full of exhilarating pursuits and provoking twist and turns. Welcome to the world of Keith Katsikas, whose work is comparable to that of the legendary Henry Lincoln."
"Great story, suspenseful reading, mixed theme of characters. Who is good, who is bad? Terrific mystery. Are the good bad or are the bad good?"
"Fast moving and well written. I would read a sequel or more by the same author."
"I love all of Dan Brown's stuff so I'm always looking for that type of thriller. Boy did I find one in The Newton Prophecies! This book is a must-read for all thrill-seekers, and I devoured it in literally 2 days. There were times that my heart was actually racing as I read and was exhausted when I put it down for the night. Keith has the wonderful ability to put you right into the story...and THAT'S the kind of book I like to read. I love to just lose myself in a story, and I was able to immerse myself in The Newton Prophecies to be sure. Another sign of a good book to me is one that keeps you guessing and stays on your mind for days...this book accomplishes that...a definite page-turner. Personally, I think Keith Katsikas has given Dan Brown a run for his money. This book DEFINITELY has MOVIE written all over it. Can't wait for Keith's next book to come out!!!"
"With hints of the DAVINCI CODE and NATIONAL TREASURE, Keith Katsikas takes you on the thrill of a lifetime! From all over New England, the media gathered to listen to Father Driscoll's announcement -- the story of the millennium he called it. But he is murdered prior to unveiling the darkest secret he has ever known. Found in the priest's robe, is a very old, mostly illegible parchment paper. It is the first of many clues in the murder case dubbed: 'The Newton Prophecies'. Michael DiBianco -- a Harvard Divinity professor and renowned religious writer -- finds himself ensnared in a life and death mission to save the world. The deadly DoL (Descendants of Lucifer) are attempting to pull off the greatest act of terror the world has ever known, infiltrating the highest echelons of government and religion. DiBianco must use the clues left behind by Isaac Newton to solve the case, but one clue leads to a discovery of his past that could ultimately bring on the apocalypse. Strap in and hold on tight for this edge of your seat thrill-ride. THE NEWTON PROPHECIES brings it all! A labyrinth of mystery and suspense, twists and turns abound at every corner, leading to a cataclysmic ending that will derail you. A must read debut for fans of Dan Brown."
"Behold - the not to be missed novel of the year! The Newton Prophecies is riveting, gripping and intense - a one-way ticket to adventure and intrigue with no layovers or stops. With so many twists and turns, one easily loses sight of which way is up - so engrossing is this novel. In The Newton Prophecies, Michael DiBianco, a Professor at Harvard Divinity, and a world renown writer of religious research and "truth" finds himself in a race to save not only himself but the world. A devastatingly dark group know as the DoL, is out to thwart the Second Coming and place their Master in his rightful place, within the world. This darkness reaches every crack and crevasse of society - into the uppermost region of world leaders. Michael has no idea who he can trust and who he cannot. He soon finds out that his entire life - from birth - has been preprogrammed and not at all what he thought. Friends that he thought he could trust and rely on, suddenly appear to be enemies. With the clock ticking, Micheal must see the truth within the smothering fog before it is too late. Just when you think you have the story figured out, a whole new pitch gets thrown in - changing with each page turned. The ending is perfect and leaves much room for a possible follow-up and/or sequel. I highly recommend 2060 The Newton Prophecies to anyone looking for a suspenseful and action-packed story. You will race through each page right along with Micheal as he tries to save the world. Keith Katsikas is a great talent and displays such in his debut masterpiece. With tinges of Dan Brown, Harlan Coben, and Brian Freeman, Mr. Katsikas is sure to make his mark as a memorable author and find his way into the hearts of many. I cannot wait to read what this author has in store for us next!"
"This book was an excellent read! To say it was heart-pounding would be an understatement! It's full of suspense that keeps you turning the pages! Michael DiBianco finds himself in a world of deceit, untrustworthy friends, and life-threatening situations that not only affect him but the salvation of the world. Then just when you think you've got it all figured out a new twist swoops you off your feet leading you into more chaos. The Newton Prophecies is a must read for suspense lovers!"
"Would recommend to anyone who likes an interesting read. Immature readers probably would not enjoy this book; a reader should have a good imagination."



























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